Grade 12 Life Sciences Teacher's Training

Nat Geo "Umsuka"
Strand 4: Diversity, Change and Continuity Teacher Training

We appreciate that the subjects associated with the scientific study of human origins may sometimes be difficult to explain to students, so we would like to offer assistance. To this end, we offer targeted, CAPS-aligned training for Grade 12 Life Sciences teachers at the ADET campus between 14h00 and 16h00 on weekday evenings TBD.

Below are listed four 2-hr lecture modules for you to choose from that are aligned to the Grade 12 CAPS Strand 4: Diversity, Change and Continuity (Darwinism and Human Evolution) curriculum. Costs are R100/per teacher, per module (minimum enrolment of 5 teachers per module; costs exclude refreshments).

Module 1

Development of Evolutionary Theory and Evolutionary Theory Today
  • Pre-scientific thinking
  • History of contributions leading to the theory of evolution by natural selection (including Lamarck)
  • Darwin and Wallace
  • Evidence for evolution
  • Sources of variation
  • Natural and artificial selection
  • Punctuated equilibrium
  • Speciation
  • Mechanisms for reproductive isolation
  • Evolution in present times

Module 2

Our Primate Heritage and Early Hominin Adaptations
  • What is a primate?
  • Mammalian and primate characteristics
  • Scenarios for primate origins
  • Survey of the living primates
  • Human evolution: similarities to African apes
  • Common questions/misconceptions (e.g. humans are not evolved from chimps)
  • Early primate evolution

Module 3

Major Transitions in Human Evolution
  • Bipedal adaptations
  • Dating methods
  • Human evolution: differences from African apes
  • Scenarios for origins of bipedalism
  • Major phases in hominin evolution
  • Major hypotheses for modern human origins

Module 4

Cradle of Humankind
  • The meaning of the Cradle of Humankind as a World Heritage Site
  • History of hominin fossil discovery in the Cradle
  • The contribution of the Cradle to the knowledge of hominin origins
  • Major sites and scientists
  • Major hominin fossils
  • New sites and research

Please contact me directly (079 064 9375 or to register interest and I will set up a schedule that rotates through the four modules.