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ADET Programs

ADET uses a variety of programs to engage local communities in STEM concepts. Explore each program page!


Matific takes a unique approach to teach GrR to Gr7 maths using hands-on and interactive mini-games, called episodes. These immersive bite-sized apps for tablets and personal computers are based on a modular and progressive spiral learning system.


ADET uses Reading Eggs to make learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.

And it really works!


UNISA ROBOTICS IN EDUCATION Qualifying students will be equipped to coach learners in robotics. Students are equipped to teach the basics of robotics in education in terms of knowledge, skills and values, as part of the course Robotics in Education, these competencies contribute to the development of science, engineering and technology in communities in Southern Africa, Africa and globally.


Are you interested in learning more about basic computer operation, software, and internet functions? Check back often for more information on our community computer literacy course offerings and enrollment.


The African Digital Education Trust (ADET) capitalizes on the significant opportunities presented by the current growth in smart device technology such as tablets, laptops and smart boards, replacing ineffective traditional teaching and learning methods (chalk and talk, and textbooks), thereby preparing teachers and their learners to meet 21st-century challenges.


Our Mission: The National Geographic “Umsuka” Public Palaeoanthropology Project, a public outreach programme of the African Digital Education Trust (ADET), is committed to the mission of increasing the accessibility of our common fossil hominin heritage for South Africans of diverse backgrounds in order to engage them with the past in ways that unite us in the present and help us to work towards a shared future.