Donor and Volunteer Information

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If you would like to contribute monetarily, these are our Banking Details for Donor Deposits:
  • African Digital Education Trust (CO Maitland Fiduciary Ltd)
  • Nedbank Corporate Saver Account
  • Account Number: 9018841745
  • Branch Code: 198765

All donor deposits made to the above Nedbank Corporate Saver account are controlled entirely by our Trustees. Upon Trustee approved budgets, transfers are then made, as required, into an FNB Business operating account where both General and Financial Manager authorities are required to release payments. Full accountability to our donors is available at all times by way of current management accounts and annual audited financials.

Our major donors include:

We encourage you to visit their sites and learn about the other good work that they do.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and talents: Please contact us at